About this site

The vision for this site is that it over time will become a hub that connects the best C++ freelancers in the world together as a community, and like a magnet attracts the best clients and the most interesting projects towards us.

Until then, my aim is that cpp-freelancer will be one of the best blogs for high value freelancers on the net. Many of the things I will write about is not exclusively targeted to C++ freelancers. But as a C++ freelancer myself, I will always perceive reality from that perspective.


Currently this is a personal blog, not a corporate site. All inquires will be kept confidential. No information gathered by this project will ever be shared with anyone without active consent. No information gathered by this project will ever be sold.

This site itself does not use cookies, javascript tracking, loading of icons or images from third party sites like Facebook, Linkedin or Yandex. The sites does however use Google Analytics, and IntenseDebate for comments. So be warned.

About me

I am a Norwegian expat, currently staying in Bulgaria.

You can read more about my achievements in my professional blog's About section.